About LoriAnne & LoriAnne Pattern Collection

Hello!! I’m LoriAnne Reeves, owner of LoriAnne Pattern Collection. I help women achieve their best looks both inside and out through fitting workshops and now a pattern collection, that is all about comfort, shape and fit. Like many of you, I’ve been sewing, stitching and doing something creative for as long as I can remember. I made all my own clothes right through college and later continued to sew for my family.

I’ve had an unusual journey to this point in my life and career. For over 20 years I’ve been a Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice. I’ve worked with couples, families and indi viduals, coaching them to reach for their authentic life.

As I started making garments again I found that my body had changed. Through workshops, research and private lessons, I went on the hunt to learn all I could about fitting this body of mine. The next thing I knew, I was teaching at the local shop and developed the “Fit for Life” system for my customers.

After getting the fitting system I wanted, I decided to start a clothing pattern collection because I wanted stylish garments that fit my shape. As it happens, so do many other women. My patterns have been developed to be customized for comfort, shape and fit.

My therapy skills have served me well in this business as many of us are not always comfortable with our bodies or our feelings and the two intertwine. It allows me to help women find their best looks both inside and out. I strive to be of service to my clients and customers. I do private consultations in person, via email, FaceTime and Skype. I also teach, conduct workshops, consult and coach on a national and international level.

I’ve come full circle. My undergrad degree is in Textile Science with minors in pattern drafting and education. I never thought my Master’s degree in therapy and my Bachelor’s degree in Textiles would merge into what I’m doing today. Who knew!!

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me at LoriAnne@LoriAnnePatternCollection.com.